Verrànd (officially Kingdom of Verrànd) is the oldest nation that survived until today. Its territories consist in the Verrandesse Region (called "Kingdom's Core") which is surrounded by Riving Sea (part of the Calisean Ocean) at West, the Stoulill Channel at North, the Aldean Sea at South. It borders with Noveragne at North, Dreulan and Jeuréy at North-East, with Vaulissé, Yronne, Alain, Brevall, Lemignòn and Predaux at East and with Avogne D'Adlie at South-East. Verrànd territories comprehend Leranges and the overseas territories of Auterre and Cantouqie.

History Edit

The history of Verrànd as a nation start right after the collapse of the Revrovian Empire due the Second Cataclism. When in the 2656 the White Shadow and the Tar Blood plague left the province of Verrandia (the old Imperial name), they take away with them 4/5 of the population dead or worse. After this the few survivors rally in the outskirts of the old capital Marietoge, the leader of the survivors, Lyonail Bardet, estabilish the city of Emorautisa (in old revrovian = ascension from death). They build the city using the materials of the old capital and use its sewers as necropolis.

Government Edit

Since its fundation, Verrànd mantain an absolute monarcy regime (strengthened over time due the nobility class conflict), alterning moments of pure despotism to period of relative political liberty. In various time of its long history, Verrànd risked many time to disappear.