Creators Era (? - 4200 B.t.C.) Edit

3.1 million years B.t.C. Estimated date of the oldest fossil of a Edhin (Inhabitant of Eden)

Old Kingdoms' Era (4200 B.t.C. - 32 B.t.C.) Edit

First Cataclism Breakout (32 B.t.C. - 6 A.t.C.) Edit

The First Cataclism breakout was the most devastating moment of Eden's history. Earthquakes, violent tornadoes and massive eruption change the look of the whole planet, killing (based on the time's fonts) around 65-75% of the global population (is considered to be around 30-50 millions). Historian says the First Cataclism start the extinction of some races.

32-29 B.t.C. First record of the cataclism: based on the journal of a Jozuan scribe in the imperial court, the Hima-Kaze (Killer wind) hit the islands of Jozu. The Hurricane last 4 days in the islands causing more than 4,000 deaths. This was the first of 25 hurricanes that devastated the continents of Shazu, Madaha, Otumer and Aqu. The next years the continents would be hit by several earthquakes and following abnormal waves.
26-20 B.t.C. Massive vulcans eruption: all the major active vulcans erupt in the same period causing a temperature fall (estimate around a 10 °C drop) and creating a "small glacial age". Many settlements that has been found "petrified" (in the Earth's Pompeii way) are dated between those years.
0 Formation of the Alden Sea: an earthquake of (supposed) magnitude 9.8 of 10, splits in half lengthwise the Alden's Mountain Range and sunk part of it, causing the birth of the Alden Sea, separating Upper Ladia from Varian-Verrand.

Imperial Era (6 A.t.C. - 2614 A.t.C) Edit

After the Cataclism, all the ancient kingdoms were wiped out or collapsed. Only a small kingdom in Ladia manage to recover from the wounds and, since there wasn't any worthy opponent, conquest the whole Revrovia. The Imperial Era cover the rise and fall of the Ladian-Revrovian Empire.

6 A.t.C. Rise of the Falcan House: Neandro Falca start a rebuilding and conquest campaign in Ladia.
21 A.t.C. Crowning of Neandro Falca as King of Ladia: under the name of Neandro I, he complete his egemony over the Ladian peninsula.
22-28 A.t.C. Succesful campaign over the Northen Ladia territories: conquest of the swamps of Salutetia (today Sebezia) and the Aldorran Heights (today Tornova).
42 A.t.C. Conquest of the Travusodia (modern-day Engher): Ladian Armies defeat the Arv-Ord tribes in the region.
44-45 A.t.C. Assassination of Neandro II: succession conflict between Neandro's sons Nikolo and Damatio. Resolved with the succession of Damatio I and the exile of Nikolo.
53 A.t.C. Ladia become an Empire: after the conquest of Utria, Damatio I declear himself Ladian Emperor.
84 A.t.C. Conquest of Anguadia (Today Avogne D'Adlie): start of the conquest of Varria (Verrànd).
107 A.t.C. First expedition to Vitannia (Wiltain)
135 Frist battle of Carchia (today Carchie): against the Oudos tribes coalition. Both sides are foced to retreat for a snow blizzard.
141 Conquest of Caddia (today Ami-Quadi)
346 Conquest of Hivadium

Second Cataclism Breakout (2614 A.t.C. - 2563 A.t.C) Edit

The Second Cataclism breakout was less devastating but even more lethal. The spreading of unknow (at the time) ilnesses and viruses like the "White Shadow" or the "Tar Blood" kill almost 1.5 billions of people (over a global population of 4 billions), putting the last nail on the coffin of the Revrovian Empire and some ancient races.

New Kingdoms' Era (2564 A.t.C. - 4788 A.t.C.) Edit

Since the Second Cataclism was more a plague rather an effective cataclism, local powers manage to keep their territories and the technological advancement bring by the Empire, allowing a quicker recovery.

Rebuilding Period Edit

As it say, this period (from 2664 to 3006) is completely dedicate to rebuild the nations from the chaos following the collapsing of the Revrovian Empire.

2564 Foundation of the Kingdom of Verrànd: by Victor I "the Father" Thimothiel
2742-2761 Spreading of the Corinthianism: Sankta Lionora of Werzeit start the spreading of the Corinthianism in the Varian region. Historic report say she made a huge number of followers.
2762 Martyr of Sankta Lionora: decapitated by the Hepolian inquisition in Verrànd under the rule of Bèltran II.

National Period Edit


3597-3605 Military campaign of Ysolda the Saint: claiming to be inspired by the light of Sankta Lionora, the princess Ysolda from the Kolberg barony start a series of battles against other varian countries to unifiy them.
3611 Assassination of Ysolda the Saint

Colonial Period Edit

The Colonial period (from 3611 to 4396) seen the attempt of the major power of Revrovia attempt to conquer coastal areas of Noder, Yxemia and Harida, causing the frists intercontinetal conflicts, but also seen the collapsing of older powers.

3612 Foundation of the Varian Kingdom: by nobles and generals who belive in the Ysolda's cause.
4102 Collapse of the Kingdom of Engher:

Late Period Edit

The Late Kingdoms period goes from 4396 to 4788. Is the period where the natural technological progress reach its apex and where modern-time nation settle in their core territories.

Modern Era (4788 A.t.C. - Today: 5045 A.t.C.) Edit

Archive Discovery Period Edit

4788 Discovery of The Archive beneath one island of the Weindzee Lake, Varian
4801-4829 The Varian's Imperial Scribes Order open a excavation field in the nearby town of Halle and start a translation work to understand the Creators' language.
4833 The Research Center of Halle is officially founded and almost all nations take interests over the Archive
4834 Rediveste War of Indipendence: the continuous involvement of the redivestian locals and the sebedian settlers (who was were looking for a paceful life) in the sebedian conflicts against Ladia and Hivadium, slowly fueled the population's desire for freedom. The assault on a sebedian armory start the seven months conflicts between the MLR (Movimento o Libertate o Rediveste / Movement for the Liberation od Rediveste) and the sebedian army. Being unable to make a decisive victory over the partisans, Sebezia accept to recognize the status of free monarchy, declearing the birth of the Kingdom of Rediveste.
4834-4837 The first working electrical battery has been made.
4888 Introduction of The Artificial Calendar:

Development Period Edit

This period seen the application of many Archive's blueprints in the everyday life, changing drastically the people culture.

4921 First motorized urban bus transport services: is active in Halle and have 40 vehicles.
4941 First transcontinental airship flight: made by The Pioneer with a 153 people onboard. Travel from Emeràut (Verrànd) to Vill' Gasparr (Auterre) in 21.15 hours.
4952 The Automobile is produced and selled around the world.

Outsiders Period Edit

"Firing Forty" Period Edit

The period between 4980 and 5020 is called "Firing Forty" due the escalation of big and small conflicts all around the world and the progessive development of new kind of weapons.

Culturally and technologically, this period resemble the Earth's World War I period.

4981-4982 Ninth Sebedian-Ladian War: large scale naval and land battle over the control of various islands in the Leporian Sea. First active use of an aircraft carrier.
4981-4986 Fourth Epogean Conflict:
4984 Kolonian Populist Revolt: after the failed invasion of Freiland and the following economical crisis, the Koloni Polpòta Liblì Kontràt (Association of Free Citizens of Kolonia or KPLK) overthrown the socialist republic declaring a democratic republic. Mass of refugees flock to Engher and Hotemia.
4991 The Great Revrovian WarRuprecht Aldric II, heir of the Aldenmark throne has been killed by a Varian anarchist in Halle. Aldemark police request the expatriation of the assassin from Halle in order to proceed with the sentence. With Halle's refuse Aldemark invade the city, triggering the reaction of Varian ant thus starting the war.
5009 End of the Great Revrovian War
5019 Varian become the fifth authority over Halle: by renouncing to all its claims over Halle, the Union allow Varian to aquire the authority over Halle's Northen Districts.
5019 Rediveste Coup d'etat: General Remali Torrana overthrown the redivestian monarcy accusing the royal family to being indifferent toward national economical crisis. He declared himself president and renamed the nation in "Redivestene Republic", in reality a one-party state. Sebezia briefly attempt to seize the country but failed.

Union period Edit

5038 A billion of automobiles circulate in Eden.
5041-5044 The Eastern War: some kolonian nationalists engage fight with the hotemian border guards. While the kolonian govern attempt to resolve pacefully the incident, Engher airships start to bombing some towns and military installations near the border, forcing Kolonia to declear war. During the conflict, Teuvoria is taken in the middle between Kolonia and Hotemia forcing it to help Hotemia.
5042-5043 Tenth Sebedian-Ladian Conflict:
5044 - Today Northen Sea Confilct: Kolonia, Redania, Naensk and Svaeland fight over the control of some strategically important islands in the Northen Sea.